PubSci (or Science in the Pub if you want the full name) is an informal science-related event held on the third Wednesday of the month at the Old King’s Head pub in Borough, close to London Bridge station.

PubSci was established back in April 2011 by James Robson and Paolo Viscardi. The event has an evolving format around the idea of informal science communication that we would want to go to ourselves. Things have changed over the years, with James leaving London in 2013 and Paolo moving to Ireland at the end of 2016.

PubSci is produced by and for SciComm enthusiasts and is programmed and hosted by Richard Marshall.

We’ve used several venues over the years: the Brixton Ritzy, Hackney Picturehouse and Clapham Picture house, Prince William Henry and the Albert Arms, but our longest standing home has been the upstairs room at the Old King’s Head in Borough, right next to London Bridge tube exit.

Live events were halted at short notice in the spring of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. After going briefly online in June 2020, we returned the following year with a great programme of talks, hosted via Zoom. You can watch some of these on our YouTube page.

I’m delighted to say, we are now back in the real world, returning to our old home near London Bridge on Weds 19th April 2023. Our one regret is that we were unable to find a more accessible venue despite trying very hard.

If you have ideas for speakers or events please get in touch using the email below, likewise if you have time or skills you’d like to contribute to help keep PubSci running.

It would also be great to hear feedback from events we have already organised. We welcome the opportunity to improve, to tighten the format, and to be more inclusive and diverse. Science is not afraid of change, and nor is PubSci!

You can contact us via LondonPubSci@gmail.com or on Twitter using @PubSci

3 responses to “About

  1. I’m really excited about this! How can I take part? I’ve been involved in “Bright Club” a few times and this sounds similar. I’m a planetary scientist who loves the sound of her own voice 🙂

  2. Hi James,

    I spoke to you briefly last night after Alok had finished about an event – The Enlightenment Cafe – do you want to drop me an email and we could arrange to meet up about it?

    Last night was awesome!



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