PubSci Online : A Virtual Pub with Real Science

PubSci went online during the coronavirus pandemic. These were the instructions for joining via Zoom.

Now we’re back IRL, we will look into livestreaming in-person events. For now this page is parked.


PubSci Online (AKA Virtual PubSci) is primarily hosted on Zoom but is also relayed on our YouTube Channel. YouTube streaming is an experimental feature and therefore not guaranteed, so we strongly recommend participating via Zoom.

Each online event has a link to an Eventbrite page to reserve tickets either free or with a donation. The Zoom URL is sent out to registered attendees around 5pm on the day of the talk. Anybody joining after that should receive it automatically.

How to join via Zoom

The Zoom meeting will be active from 7pm so you’ll have time to make sure you’re up and running before the talk begins at 7:15. Those who have registered for the event on Eventbrite will be sent an email by 5pm with the Zoom link. It’s a pain to have to do it like this, but we need to minimise the risk of online abuse by ensuring everybody in the Zoom meeting has registered first.

When you join the Zoom meeting you’ll be placed in a waiting room to be approved by the Host. Once in the main meeting, your camera and mic will be off by default. Nobody but the host and speaker can share their screen or desktop. Questions for the speaker can be submitted in real time via Zoom chat, which is visible to everybody.

Zoom in a Web Browser

You can join a Zoom meeting in your browser if you don’t want to install the app, but you need to be signed into a Zoom account first. Chrome, Firefox and Edge work best. We advise doing this before the event start time. More information here:

Watching the YouTube Stream

Some prefer not to use Zoom at all, even in a browser window, so we also stream online events live via YouTube. We have a PubSci YouTube channel where anybody can view events without having to register or use Zoom. Talks also remain on YouTube for at least 28 days, in case you miss the live event. Please note that this is an experimental feature, and cannot be guaranteed. The stream arrives with a 20 second delay.

Just go to our YouTube Channel from 7pm on the day of the talk and look for the livestream under VIDEOS > LIVE STREAMS. As well as past talks you may see a test stream which is useful for testing your audio and general information, but be aware that times and dates referred to may not apply to the latest event.

The new event stream should go live around 7:15pm. It should appear on the list of available live streams, but you might need to refresh the page to see it. We plan to have chat active on YouTube (moderated) so you can submit questions in the break.

All times are GMT or BST (GMT+1) depending on the season.

Keeping the lights on at PubSci

Finally, those registering via Eventbrite have the opportunity to make a small donation to help keep PubSci going by contributing toward hosting costs, pro Zoom etc. Anybody wishing to put a pound or two in the virtual pot can also contribute via PubSci’s  PayPal “Money Pool” which is administered by PubSci host Richard Marshall. 

We look forward to seeing you at PubSci Online soon!

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