October PubSci: Designer Drugs 101

On Tuesday 23rd October we will have Dr James Moffatt discussing the pharmacology of recreational drugs and the chemistry behind what has made successful or unsuccessful drugs in recent history.

4-MMC 3D Molecule

We’ll look at the recent designer drug business model and consider the process of designing the type of drug we could synthesise and market, what the competition have to offer, and how it works within the law.

Finally, we’ll consider ways to prevent people from being exploited or harmed by such “designer drugs”.

If we ever came up with the perfect recreational drug, should we legalise it? Can you make a safe recreational drug, or are health risks unavoidable?

Join us for this fascinating insight into the science and legalities of designer drugs in the usual place at the usual time – Brixton Ritzy Upstairs Bar from 18:45ish for food, drink and a chat, for an 19:45ish start.

As usual the event is free!

2 responses to “October PubSci: Designer Drugs 101

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  2. there is a very interesting piece in today’s Guardian on “legal” high’s. Make’s for interesting reading. http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/nov/15/legal-high-psychoactive-drug-sale-survey

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