Thank you… and we’re back in the room!

OKH Street SIgn

A huge thank you to everybody who came to the Old King’s Head on Wednesday.

It really was great to be back live, talking about science – in the pub. It’s been a long, steep journey to relaunch live events from scratch after three years without a venue. Wednesday made it all worthwhile.

If you weren’t there, you won’t know what you missed, but the full Spring / Summer programme is now up, so make sure you come to the next one if you can. Subscribe to our google calendar to be on the safe side!

The evening wasn’t without its surprises. The evening chef called in sick and it looked like there’d be no food at all, but lovely Sam from the bar, who has been a friend to PubSci for years, arranged for us to order pizzas from Giuseppe’s. She even took the payments and delivered the pizza. And they were delicious! Thanks Sam.

This is a good point to mention a little known fact: PubSci has a tradition of leaving a tip for the bar staff from contributions on the night (even if expenses outweigh contributions) because we couldn’t run the event without them.

It’s also a good moment to thank those who put in contributions to help keep PubSci running. Apologies to those who couldn’t make the QR code work – we think it was camera / device settings rather than an issue with the code itself. If you missed the chance on the night, you can always head to our linktree to use the Tip Jar.

Thank you Kate, George and Mike for giving such excellent talks, and for the audience questions. And for listening to me too! For the record, the talks were:

  • Kate Viscardi –  “How Long Is a Piece of String?
  • George Holdaway – “Islamic Art: The Quest for the Quasi Crystal”
  • Mike Lucibella – “What’s the Deal with Antarctica?”
  • Richard Marshall – “The Levitating Hamster and Other Definitely True Stories”

You all made it worthwhile. X

See you back at the OKH on Wednesday 17th May for Dr. Michael Byford: What We Learnt from the Pandemic (And What We Didn’t)

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