Science in the Pub

What is Science in the Pub?

If you are anything like us you’re interested in science and you’ll probably enjoy a sociable drink in a nice venue, with interesting people.

It’s a simple premise, so we’ve decided to run with it by hosting a free event at the Brixton Ritzy starting 3rd May at 8pm.

The idea is to offer an opportunity for the rich scientific activity going on in London to have an informal forum, without the broader agendas that are usually associated with Skeptics in the Pub and with a slightly less general public focus than Cafe Scientifique.

Don’t get us wrong, the public are very welcome, but the idea is to create a venue where you can get your geek on without fear of excluding the audience – so any non-scientists in attendance will mostly be science geeks wanting to find out what’s happening in science straight from the source.

Format for the evening

For our first event we have the author and cell biologist Jenny Rohn who has stepped up to the task of kick-starting PubSci. Plans include an experiment involving alcohol and Jenny will introduce a topic to get conversation started.

We may also try an open mic format for some of the evening, so if you have something you want to talk about, or ideas you want to bounce off other scientists, you’ll be in the right place.

We’ll be using the Twitter hashtag #PubSci and we’ll update this blog to keep everyone informed about what’s going on as plans become firmer. Remember to spread the word and come along – this is new and you have the opportunity to shape it and make it work. If all goes well we will keep it as a regular fixture.

We hope to see you there for a drink and a chat!

3 responses to “Science in the Pub

  1. Would love to be there but – inspired by Jenny Rohn & the #scienceisvital team, the Geek Manifesto & personal alignment with a particular political party – I’m a bit busy, as I’ve got myself rather tied up with the elections on the 5th 😉

    Save me a drink for the following month!

    • one of the great things is we have the first tuesday of everymonth booked so its easy for people to plan around

      its a shame you cant make the first one, but we knew it would be hard as short notice so look forward to seeing you next time!

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