The first Science in the Pub!

Brixton is not Outer Mongolia

The first PubSci kicks off tomorrow, so here’s some information on how to get the Ritzy in Brixton – it really isn’t hard, despite being ‘across the water’ for some of you:


The Ritzy is a 3 minute walk from Brixton underground, which is on the Victoria line. Turn left out of the station and continue south down Brixton Road (crossing Electric Avenue) and the Ritzy will be in front of you when you hit the big junction. It’s that easy.


There is also a train station served by trains from Victoria, about a minute’s walk from the tube station. To walk from here you’ll need to go right when you leave the station, walk to the top of Atlantic Road, which you should cross and and then follow Brixton road south, past the tube station and crossing Electric Avenue.  When you come to the big junction you’ll see the Ritzy.


There are also plenty of bus routes to Brixton, they can be found here in pdf format.

Further directions

If you do get lost, don’t panic – most people know where the Ritzy is and can point you in the right direction. Failing that, there will be several other science geeks heading the same way and many will have twitter, so just tweet using the hashtag #PubSci and ask for directions from a handy landmark (like a pub).

It really isn’t difficult to get to and from the venue, so hopefully we’ll see you tomorrow for a fun evening of science and socialising!

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