May PubSci: The Science of Star Trek

To Boldly Go… to Brixton

On Tuesday 15th May we will be celebrating the first anniversary of Science in the Pub with Dr. Michael Byford who will be exploring the science of Star Trek.

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A)

Star Trek forms a comprehensive and surprisingly coherent story arc, encompassing five linked TV series and a profitable movie franchise.

Many of the developments postulated by its writers have been brought into being whereas others are so fanciful that they are at best most unlikely or at worst simply impossible.

We will explore the scientific basis of Star Trek, real or imagined, always with the deepest respect for the impressive powers if imagination demonstrated by its writers, directors and producers.

The talk will start at 7:30pm but the venue (Upstairs at the Ritzy) will be open from 6pm for those who want food, a drink and a chat. Hope to see you there!

5 responses to “May PubSci: The Science of Star Trek

  1. What’s the venue? Or when will the info for that be posted?

    • Oops! There’s always something I forget to add…
      I’ve updated the post with the venue. It will be the Brixton Ritzy in the upstairs bar. Cheers!

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