PubSci update for June

This summer is shaping up to be governed by chaos and confusion. Between plans to add some new floor Upstairs at the Ritzy, European Cup football clashing with our PubSci date in June and the lumbering approach of a soulless reincarnated corporate monster originally spawned on the slopes of Mount Olympus that seems hell-bent on destroying London, the PubSci organisers have reached meltdown. As a result, the June PubSci has been put on hold.

But never fear! There are plenty of other interesting things to do that involve science and beer during June – check out the Londonist’s Week in Geek for starters. In case you want your monthly dose of rambling waffle from PubSci’s regular compère Paolo you can catch him talking about mermaids for the London Fortean Society on Thursday 31st May or you can attend the awesome science/theatre fusion event at the Enlightenment Cafe at some point over the Jubilee weekend.

Also, remember that there is the Hackney Skeptics in the Pub on June 25th with the next generation’s most promising skeptical mind and Randi Award winning grass-roots activist, Rhys Morgan.

We will hopefully be back Upstairs at the Ritzy in July (depending on the floor) with more science, beer and discussion. Enjoy the weather!

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