No PubSci in June – Next event 7th July

In case you missed the announcements at May’s PubSci, there will be no PubSci in June 2021. This is because we are switching back to our traditional date, the first Wednesday of the month.

We’re not back in a physical pub yet – that won’t happen until all covid restrictions are lifted – but with pubs reopening, the summer arriving (sort of), and even the possibility of a gradual return to the office, I realised some people have better things to do on a Friday night than stay in and watch Zoom!

So, we’re skipping June, to allow the transition from the last Friday to the first Wednesday. Hopefully it won’t be long until that means we can actually meet on the first Wednesday in a pub. I still hope to offer an online presence for PubSci talks, but the logistics of live-streaming a real world event will prove quite a challenge. Watch this space.

For now, please put Wednesday 7th July in your diary, when Dr Anna Morgan from Kingston University will talk about Toxins: Friends or Foes…?

See you in July,


One response to “No PubSci in June – Next event 7th July

  1. I’m sure that if spree-killers can figure out how to stream on Facebook Live then you can work it out, Richard 😳👍🏻.
    Did half the people not show up for work on the Thursday when they attended the actual pub on a Wednesday night?

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