News and Events Update

A huge thank you to everybody who came to yesterday’s talk and discussion on myths, misinformation and logical fallacies in the context of Covid-19. Despite the last minute change of speaker and topic, it proved to be a great night all round. Your support makes running PubSci worthwhile.

Event news:

Wanna Know what spacetime sounds like…?

Our friends at the Royal Institution have a fantastic event tomorrow called Sounds of Spacetime.

What better way to spend your Friday evening than in the Ri‘s world famous theatre, travelling through the history of gravity and discovering how we hear the universe? Join cosmologist and gravitational wave astronomer Tessa Baker for a talk that could change your perspective on the cosmos.

Tickets are available on the Ri Website.

• • •

Talking of the Royal Institution, our friends in the Cosmic Shambles Network are making a new podcast, hosted by Robin Ince and Helen Czerski, and it’s being recorded live at the Ri.

It’s called ‘They’ve Made Us’ and features two brilliant guests per episode. I’ve been at the first two recordings and can highly recommend getting hold of tickets for the remaining two on 26 May (Kwame Asante & Chris Jackson + Anjana Khatwa & Mark Miodownik) and 2 June (Dame Sue Black & Saiful Islam + Sir Tom Shakespeare & J. Wilgoose Esq).

Next PubSci

Finally, back to PubSci, our next event will be on Wednesday 21st June with the truly extraordinary mathematician, Eugenia Cheng. Eugenia has the ability to make maths fascinating, understandable, and relvant to eveybody, no matter how much they think they hate maths. Love it or hate it, come to the Old King’s Head to have your whole understanding of maths changed, as Eugenia asks: Is Maths Real?

Details on this site shortly.

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